Programmable knowledge. The intelligence layer for building knowledge infrastructure.

Providing organizations with codified building blocks for knowledge capture, search and distribution. Automating information sharing, insights discovery, and knowledge flows.

CapturePipelineELT for structured and unstructured language dataIntegrations300+ data connectors for self-organizing knowledgeCodifyStreamline knowledge mining and codification for know-how
SearchEverythingMulti-modal semantic search without context-switchingEverywhereA unified search portal across your siloed knowledge basesAll at OnceFully traceable knowledge at a glance, verified by your team
RetentionRetaining knowledge even throughout employee churnTransparencyTransparency on knowledge utilization and trendsTrustReducing knowledge silos with a single source of truth


When waiting or searching for information, it can be time consuming or futile. Current AI solutions are reactive: users ask for “X”, ChatGPT responds with “Y”. However, users often don’t know who, when, and what to ask for the right answers.

Knowd is proactive - Knowd knows what you need, before you even ask for it. By democratizing knowledge flows, new projects can be synchronized with up-to-date information, solving the pain of having to start from scratch.

Knowd is primed with traceable knowledge, built as a layer on top of existing knowledge bases. Unlike ChatGPT, Knowd is not a black box, but a transparent knowledge management system.


The Future of Work = Programmable Knowledge + Process Mining. Knowd assists knowledge creation, process, and task mining while understanding the semantics of knowledge work.

Knowd delivers the right information, at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, to the right people, at the right cost. Transforming unstructured data into reusable knowledge capitals.


We enable organizations to achieve the network effect of knowledge with virtual AI workforces.


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